Berry Apricot Parfait

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Raspberry Blackberry Apricot Parfait

Anytime my girls and I are out and about, and we happen to see a parfait, my girls zone in on it, and have to have it for lunch. The last two times we have eaten parfaits we were at Ikea and OMSI.  What’s not to like about a parfait, It’s  pretty much a scrumptious layered dessert. I do not know for sure, but have a hunch that the occasional parfaits we have purchased out of our home, are laden with sugar, and other stuff that might not be so great for my girls.

Raspberries Bowl

I was half cleaning out my refrigerator today, and If you don’t know me yet, I half clean just about everything. What I mean by that is I get distracted by life in the middle of cleaning, and the job I set out to accomplish, gets put on hold. It eventually gets completed, or cleaned later on, by either Dominic or myself. Most often Dominic, because he is better at cleaning than I am). He is also better at all aspects of folding and putting away clean laundry and doing dishes and lots of other cleaning type things. Boy did I get lucky.

Raspberry Blackberry Apricot Parfait

As I was saying before I got distracted, I was cleaning out my refrigerator today and saw that we had two containers of plain yogurt that were due to expire in a few days.  It was time for my girls afternoon snack, and I thought, it would be really fun to make them a parfait, since they love them so much, out of the house.


One of my favorite aspects about a parfait, is if it is assembled correctly, it can be really beautiful, as well as tasty. I have never really made a parfait before, so I was just winging it. I had some raspberries and blackberries my girls and I picked about a month ago, in the freezer. I also had some delicious apricot jam, and of course the plain yogurt in the refrigerator. I our pantry we had some gluten free rolled oats. Seemed to me, like all the makings of a delicious parfait. I took all the ingredients out of their homes, took two clear glasses out of our cupboard, and got to work.

Raspberry Blackberry Apricot Parfait

Judging by my girls reaction, I think It turned out very pretty. When they saw the parfaits, their eyes lit up, and they got the biggest brightest smiles on their faces. Feel free to substitute your favorite fruits/jams/yogurt, or change amounts and layer to your liking. Please remember to always take your time layering your delicious ingredients, and you will not only have a delectable healthy treat, but you will have created a thing of beauty you will be proud and excited to share with your family and friends.

Berry Apricot Parfait
Recipe type: Dessert,Snack
Author: Jillian
Serves: 2 glasses
  • *2-4 cups plain yogurt of your choice(I use Nancy’s Organic Lowfat)
  • 1/2 cup favorite jam
  • *1/2- 1 cup rolled oats or granola
  • 1 cup berries cooked down slightly(I used raspberries and blackberries)
  • *depending on the size of your glass
  1. First thin layer – jam
  2. Second layer – yogurt
  3. Third thin layer – jam(homemade would be tastier)
  4. Fourth layer yogurt
  5. Fifth layer – oats or granola(homemade would be tastier)
  6. Sixth layer -yogurt
  7. Seventh layer – berries and juice
  8. Eighth layer – yogurt
  9. Ninth layer – sprinkle of oats or granola



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