Light and Fluffy Hamburger Buns

September 14, 2012 | 4 Comments


We don’t eat red meat frequently, but once and a while we just crave a juicy hamburger, overflowing with condiments and toppings. These last couple of weeks we have seen signs of the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. The winds are blowing stronger and colder and the leaves are already changing colors on the trees. Sadly, grilling season for us, is coming to a close.

Hamburger Bun Dough Ball

On this particular grilling weather occasion, we didn’t have any hamburger buns in the house. I did not feel like taking a trip to the store, where inevitably, I would go in for one item, and come out an hour later, with two to three shopping bags full. I am not sure how this happens, and am always surprised when it does.

Hamburger Bun Hole Structure

I thought making buns would be a lot more fun, than going to the grocery store, so I started researching hamburger bun recipes online. My requirements were simple, the buns needed to be fast, flavorful, and easy to make, with ingredients I had in my pantry.

Hamburger Bun Bottom

It is hard to tell what recipes will be tasty when you are looking online.  I do my best to read reviews, and peruse enough recipes, that I usually pick good ones.  I always alter recipes anyway, to reflect my preferences as well as what I have in my pantry. I made a few adjustments to this hamburger bun recipe, including whole wheat flour, unsalted butter, honey, and kosher salt, to name a few ingredients.

Hamburger Bun

This recipe is adapted from Taste of Homes 40 Minute Hamburger Bun Recipe. These buns were light, airy, fluffy and flavorful. They sliced cleanly, and held up beautifully to grilling. They did not fall apart, when they were piled high with our vast array of condiments and toppings.  They were indeed fast and easy to make, and I had all the ingredients in my pantry to make them.  We had buns left over, and used them to make delicious leftover chicken, avocado sandwiches a few days after. I will definitely be making these again, and might even shape them to hold hot dogs, when we have our next wiener roast, over our open fire pit.

Light and Fluffy Hamburger Buns
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Recipe type: Bread
Author: Jillian
Serves: 8
  • 2 Tbsp active dry yeast
  • 1 cup, and 2 Tbsp warm water
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp local honey
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 large free range organic egg
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 cups unbleached all purpose flour, plus 1/2 cup for kneading
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1-2 Tbsp unsalted butter for brushing on tops of uncooked buns
  • 2 Tbsp sesame seeds for topping uncooked buns
  • 1 Tbsp cornmeal to sprinkle on top of parchment(optional)
  1. In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water
  2. Let stand for 10 minutes
  3. Yeast water should be bubbling(this means yeast is active)
  4. Add 1/4 cup melted butter and honey
  5. let stand for 5 minutes
  6. Add the egg, salt and 3 cups flour to form a soft dough
  7. Turn onto a floured surface
  8. Knead with 1/2 cup more flour until smooth and elastic, about 3-5 minutes(dough should not stick to your hands)
  9. Divide large dough ball into 8 pieces
  10. Shape each piece into a tight ball
  11. Use two half sheet trays
  12. Line sheet tray with parchment or Silpat
  13. Sprinkle cornmeal on top of parchment(optional)
  14. Place balls 4 to a sheet tray
  15. Brush melted butter over tops of buns
  16. Sprinkle sesame seeds over tops of buns, if desired
  17. Let rest for first tray 25 minutes/second tray 35 minutes
  18. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  19. Bake each sheet tray separately for 9-13 minutes or until golden brown(my buns were done in 10 minutes)
  20. Let buns sit for 5 minutes
  21. Remove buns from pans to wire racks to cool.

4 Responses so far.

  1. melissa says:

    I will be making these this week!

    • Jillian says:

      Hi Melissa, I hope you got to make these. They are really easy,and delicious, and freeze well for later use. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and taking time to make a comment!

  2. Raquel says:

    Hi! What is the yellow/white seasoning on your 4th pic?

    • Jillian says:

      Hi Raquel, Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to make a comment. In the 4th picture I have shown you the bottom of the bun. In that batch, I sprinkled cornmeal and a few black sesame seeds on the parchment paper before placing the buns on top. If you have some on hand, sprinkle away, but it is not necessary. Please come back and let me know how you like the buns, after you make them.

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